Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bringing Personal Media to Politics

Say Media has done a great job making the case for why it's time to bring Personal Media to politics.  

"Nearly 45 percent of likely voters prefer other video sources to live TV. Politicians must adapt their ad campaigns accordingly."

I couldn't agree more. That's why 121nexus is bringing Personal Media to politics with 121campaign.  Despite the fact that dumping money into TV has worked the last fifty years for campaigns, the reality is that the landscape of media consumption is rapidly shifting.  More and more households have DVRs and fast forward through commercials.  More and more people are accessing media on their mobile devices (smart phones and tablets).  That's why are 121campaign solution makes so much sense. 

With 121campaign the campaigns can reach voters and reach them with the most relevant content possible to engage them at a personal level. Let's review how 121campaign works to illustrate this.
  1. First a campaign assembles the different issue focused content they want to get to voters. 
  2. Then the campaign orders how ever many cards they want to distribute to voters. Each card has a unique QR code and link on it to serve as a voter's individual portal into the campaign.
  3. The campaigner meets a voter, scans the QR code on the card with their smart phone (launching the 121campaign app) and then records the voter's preferences. 
  4. The voter then scans the card and is taken directly to content related to the issue that they personally care most about.
The goal with this Personal Media solution is to provide campaigns with a means to get voters engaged while allowing the voter the choice to remain anonymous if they chose and to not be forced to opt-in to campaign content.

TV will be relevant for the foreseeable future, but now is the time for campaigns to start thinking about Personal Media as a new tool to reach voters.