Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Boston Shark Tank - Let's Do It!

I am one of seventy entrepreneurs vying for one of the final six spots in the Boston Shark Tank.  Here's a few reasons why I deserve a shot:
  • Since we did our launch with Obama for America in Columbus, Ohio I've been mum on this blog about the results.  Part of that has to do with confidentiality.  The rest is that I applied for Boston Shark Tank before we did the launch.  More details will come out if I'm selected!
  • We had no political connections at this company when we decided to test our personal media solution in the space of politics.  We simply saw it was a great opportunity to validate our technology.  Selling to political campaigns as an outsider is impossible.  But we achieved it anyway, all the way to the highest level of politics.
  • We now know how our personal media performs against non-personalized media and it's better!  Just how much better I'll feed to the sharks.  But rest assured, we're on the verge of a groundbreaking new marketing tool.  
  • Finally, I want this!  Everyone at 121nexus works their butt off to defy the odds to be one of the few startups that actually makes it in this world.  Getting a shot at the Boston Shark Tank will go a long way with all the tenacity that we have in ensuring this company's success. 

Everyone tweet this blog with the hashtag #bostonsharks so I can get their attention.  Thank you for your support! 

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