Friday, October 12, 2012

Boston Shark Tank - Pick Me Already!

I very much want to be on Boston Shark Tank where I'll have a chance at a $100,000 investment as one of six entrepreneurs pitching their company. I'm hoping my last post got their attention.  But until such time as they make a selection I figure I might as well keep promoting my company as a great choice for the tank!

When I applied for Boston Shark Tank I decided to take some liberty in describing our team as a way to get their attention.  I mean how many times do you have founders that met each other in school or at a previous start up?  A lot, right?  So I thought why not spice it up.  Some of it is true after all... [Portions redacted for good reasons... just trust me].

About the Team
Foster and Albert, a classic hustler/hacker duo, met at the United States’ secret training facility for genetically modified humans.  They escaped from the facility in 1995 using parts from a Sony Playstation, a cassette tape recorder, a koosh ball, a flannel shirt, a Black's Law Dictionary, a TI-81 calculator and three packets of Fire Sauce from Taco Bell.  Foster went on to study International Politics and Japanese at Penn State en route to a law degree from Florida State while Albert went on to study Electrical Engineering at Cornell.  The duo reunited in an effort to stop a former MIT professor and likely sociopath from ruining the hopes and dreams of impressionable young entrepreneurs.  After succeeding in defeating the evil "Professor" the two decided to develop a to-scale prototype Mobile Suit Gundam.  However, after seeing the mountain of paperwork required to put their Mobile Suit Gundam into full production the two decided they wanted to renounce war anyway and work on a project that would "bring people together."

In case they forgot this from my application... Here's a reminder of just the top ten reasons they should pick and invest in 121nexus.

Top Ten Reasons the Sharks should Invest in 121nexus
10. They need teams which can be readily casted on their other show Dancing with the Sharks
9.  They like big returns on investment
8. They believe that the way people consume media is rapidly shifting away from live TV and is an area ripe for disruptive media distribution solutions.
7.  121nexus trademarked Personal Media™ (crazy, right?)
6.  The CEO of 121nexus was on TV, so these guys must be for real!
5.  They want to democratize democracy
4.  They have ever wanted information but were turned off when they were asked to opt-in in order to get it or wished they could have remained anonymous.
3.  They like that two guys with zero major political connections managed to get the Obama campaign to use their technology
2. They believe personalization is the future of the internet
1.  Their mamas didn't raise no fools.

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