Friday, November 9, 2012

How our Personal Media Technology Helped Obama win Ohio

In September we launched our Personal Media solution with the Obama for America Campaign in Ohio.  As we now know, Barack Obama won the State of Ohio's electoral votes.  I'm not going to say our technology was the reason and take responsibility for the victory.  The reason was most certainly the tremendous staff of Obama for America - Ohio. Not only was the staff filled with quality people but they also were willing to give my company and our technology a chance.  They allowed us to launch with them in Columbus, Ohio the state's largest city and whose county went for Barack Obama. They were excellent to work with and provided us with a tremendous opportunity to validate our technology in the space of politics. 

To understand how our 121campaign technology works, read this earlier blog post.  The Obama campaign had content a wide variety of issues they were ready to provide to voters. That's a perfect fit for our technology which is focused on providing Personal Media, meaning that we want to allow people to see the content that really matters to them personally.

Approximately one in five people that received a personal media card from Obama actually visited their landing page. We were very pleased with the results and we remain very grateful to the staff in Ohio for working with us and giving us the opportunity to validate our technology on this level.

With the big races over until 2014, we'll be taking our focus on how to leverage the 121nexus platform in other areas.  Stay tuned for announcements on new applications of our platform outside of politics!

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